Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blessing by Cupcake

Well, I still haven’t found my talent to use for Christ yet, but I am experimenting with different ideas. One was really fun last week. It’s the idea of giving. Simple. Easy. Something Dennis and I have been trying to do since we married. Last week, however, I tried something a little different. We bought the best cupcakes from church to support a mission trip to Costa Rica. They are from a bakery called Dimples. I highly recommend checking out their site at
Even if you just buy them from the store and they don’t support a mission trip, they are worth it!

We bought quite a few. We bought eight in fact, and decided we would share with other people. We only ate two, and that took some will power, then all week I thought of people to bless with cupcakes. Now, this is not the healthiest blessing one can offer. In general, Dennis and I are big believers in taking care of our temples(bodies), and junk food doesn’t fit into that on a regular basis. Okay, the first trimester of my pregnancy, it’s fit in a little more than it should have. But in general I would not offer lots of fat and sugar to someone as a gift. This seemed different though. The money had already blessed a mission trip, so these cupcakes somehow seemed special. I started making a mental list of people I wanted to have them.

The first was a friend from school who is amazing. She is constantly doing things for others, always has time for me, and is just an all around awesome lady. I gave her a cupcake on Monday, and Tuesday she came back and told me it had been an “orgasmic” experience. I think she felt blessed!

Tuesday I bought one for a woman I co-teach with. Not only is she a great co-teacher, but she puts up with me and has to see me on a regular basis. That is probably a challenge. She frequently comes in to visit me in the morning before school to make sure we have our day planned. I’m a morning person, but when I get to work I generally like the first 15-30 minutes to pull my mind together alone before I begin socializing. Sometimes she pops in during this time not knowing that, and instead of telling her, I sometimes just go on with what I’m doing while trying to have a conversation with her at the same time. Now that I type it, it sounds bad. But she has put up with it and has even agreed to co-teach with me next year. She deserved a cupcake. Plus, she forgot to bring her lunch. My cupcake was her lunch. Though we can’t live on bread or carbs alone, that felt like divine intervention.

Next, I bought one to a woman that anyone who has seen me in the last 12 weeks should thank. She has kept all of you from a slow and painful death. Okay, it may not be that extreme, but she has helped you. During my first trimester of pregnancy, I have bad breath. I don’t mean a little bad. I mean I almost throw up when I taste it, and my sense of taste is muted because I can’t smell. It’s that bad. Generally because of a mild case of TMJ, I don’t chew or carry around gum. But lately, gum has kept me from vomiting or creating awkward social situations for everyone around me. This teacher has provided that gum. In fact, Wednesday she gave me her last piece, then went to the store and bought me my own package. Thursday, she got a cupcake.

I don’t think my cupcake mission is changing the world. Even orgasmic cupcakes don’t cause world peace, maybe just momentary happiness. But it is a time to look outside of myself to what other people are doing, what they might want, how they have blessed me. I’m blessed everyday by a ton of people, and I am usually too busy to say thank you. Making a decision before I go to bed of who I want to thank keeps me from spending all my time griping about people or stupid situations. Upon reflection, I gripe more than I should about things that don’t matter. I have a great life, and I love every second. Why should one negative word come out of my mouth? Maybe my breath has been so bad because it reeks of ungratefulness.

So even though this feels like something anyone could be good at, it’s been nice to have God point out something that feels like a talent, even it’s built into everyone. Maybe my ultimate goal in life is not to offer baked goods to people, but it could lead to more opportunities like volunteer work or just a less self absorbed thought process. That in itself would be a gift.

Note: Dad and Judy, if you are reading this and saw the cupcakes when you visited Sunday, I had every intention of offering you both one for all the nice things you’ve done. Ask Dennis. But then we started talking about blood sugar levels and how Judy has given up bread. I thought it might not be a blessing to make you both sick.

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