Friday, October 29, 2010


This week has outshined most in the way of blessings. Due to the amazing staff that I work with, Sammy now has over 1000 diapers, over 1000 wipes, over $100 in gift cards, homemade blankets, and books. Wren even scored books out of my baby shower. I actually started to feel slightly embarrassed as gifts kept rolling in from these incredible people who did more than enough for us the first time around. It was overwhelming in a positive way.

Due to Dennis’ generous job, he is taking on more responsibility and received a nice promotion with it. Sammy is healthy, Wren is wonderful, and life in general is just good. It’s nice and low key, and it’s about to get a lot more low key.

As a family, we have a tendency to unplug from everything when we get the chance. TV, computer, and cell phones are all things I’ve started to view as hinderances more than helpful. In fact, when our computer fan started sounding like it was going to start an electrical fire in our office Monday, we decided to live without a computer in our home for a week. I loved it. I do realize the irony since I have a blog and usually post my blog updates on Facebook. I did miss being able to blog, but I didn’t miss being on the computer with no purpose, or with a purpose I did not particularly care about. I have computer access at work all day so it’s not like I went cold turkey, but it was amazing just to use a computer for work then know there was no access at home. I didn’t aimlessly surf the net when I could have been cleaning, sleeping, cuddling, or cooking. Though we understand we can’t permanently live without one due to job and school commitments, I think I’m going to make it a goal to not use it at least four nights a week. It was so relaxing in a way I didn’t expect.

Along with that, we are giving up our TV service. For those of you who have ever visited our house, you will know that this is not a huge sacrifice since we only had 30 channels to begin with. We just realized that the only time the TV comes on is when we are watching Netflix, not something we need cable service to do. We’ll save $50 a month and simplify, which is the real goal. If you don’t need it, why have it?

As we eliminate more and accumulate less, I’m feeling more at peace than I ever had. Five garbage bags full of clothes that Wren cannot wear are being donated tomorrow. A diaper genie may go with it since I am not intelligent enough to push the diapers in there without having my hand bitten off by the crazy closing clamp, and Dennis says the bags don’t really mask the poo smell. We’ve simplified our grocery list to include real foods and almost nothing processed, cut out almost all cell phone use, and the highlight of most of our nights is going to the park and watching Wren swing and scream “airplane” every time she sees one. Last night she did attempt to rush the soccer field during a practice which was interesting(she can kick), but even that wasn't too stressful or high maintenance. My blood pressure at my OB appointment yesterday was 83 over 62, evidence that I am pretty much stressed by nothing. Simple.

I’m not claiming that we have the secrets of life figured out. Far from it, and I learn more every day. Everything we have is a gift and any lesson I learn on any given day comes from knowledge beyond my control. I just wonder why anything in life had to ever be difficult. Why did I ever give into the demands of multitasking and keeping up with things in life that I didn’t really care about? Why did I get stressed over things that weren’t important? Why was seeing the big picture so hard? It seems easy now. The message that God has been trying to convey to me for months, I think, is that I don’t need more. I need to work with less. And I have never been as happy as now, when I finally started doing what He said.

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