Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Instead of…

Please place the phrase “instead of” in front of each sentence.

turning on the computer Monday night to check Facebook, check email for the 500th time, read things I don’t care about, I read a book I had been looking forward to getting into.

rewarding myself with sugar for a week of not eating any sugar therefore throwing me back into sugar craving mode, I’m making Dennis give me a foot massage if I avoid sugar this week.

once again, turning on the computer Tuesday night for anything, I cooked homemade sloppy joes, unloaded the dishwasher, and did two loads of laundry.

trying to do anything during the short hours I get to spend with Wren before her bedtime, I participate in imaginary play with dolls, do puzzles, and watch Wren go through all the shoes in her closet exclaiming, “so cute”.

freaking out because I think I may have been exposed to Fifth’s disease this week, which is not good when you’re pregnant, I just prayed, called my doctor and found out the next day I had already been tested for immunity and am immune.

biting off the head of the woman who looked at my stomach yesterday and said, “any minute now, huh?” when I just hit 36 weeks yesterday, I just smiled and said, “not yet”.

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