Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Summer Discoveries

I don’t have to finish reading a book if I don’t like it. It’s okay to stop in the middle and find something else.

I am extremely affected by violence just like when I was a kid. Reading it, seeing it portrayed on movies, hearing about it, all bad for me. It gets stuck in my mind like gum gets stuck in hair.

Wren is probably going to have the same issues with seeing violence or aggression since she refused to finish the Muppet Movie because she was convinced the somewhat sinister puppets in the suits were evil, even though all they did was laugh. She actually cried. I think I am grateful for this about her, but I hate it for her too because I know how long those benign puppets in suits will haunt her.

If I want to stay centered, read scripture daily and pray. It’s that simple, but I like to find ways to make it difficult.

It's important to be married to someone who makes you laugh everday, and I am.

I really don’t feel good if grains (gluten-free of course) or any mild amount of sugar enter my body. Why I still periodically feed myself these things is something I have not discovered.

I am doing okay protecting my family from foods that can hurt them, but I could definitely improve how I handle the stress generated by trying to protect us all. I don’t go nuts, but I carry my tension throughout my body, face, and expressions, and they see this.

Exercising makes me feel good. I rediscovered this during my first walk/jog around the neighborhood Monday that did not result in my death. It did result in shin splints.

Finally, you can still get shin splints at the age of 32. I thought I left those behind when I left dance and drill team in my teens, but apparently not.

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