Friday, August 17, 2012

Maybe Today

A friend reminded me the other day of something I was supposed to be doing: as well as using the blog to chart our growing and deepening relationship with Christ, I was also supposed to be using it to help those who have Celiac, food issues, or just don’t want to eat food with chemicals in it anymore. It’s something I felt kind of called to do by the Lord when this all started, but I stalled out. She said she is still waiting. Here are my issues(this is the very abbreviated list pertaining only to this particular blog topic):

 There’s nothing I have to say that someone else hasn’t.

 I am not an expert. Every time I think I’m even head above water, something grabs my foot and pulls me back to the bottom.

 We are just now crawling slowly out of the trenches praying no one takes shots at our heads as we reemerge. I can’t really do much while in the trenches because my mind shuts down and I just keep hearing, “COVER, COVER!” over and over again in my brain.

 I am so very lazy about trying to publicize the blog or find people who want to read it who could benefit. I have no idea what the privacy settings are on my blog. They may be private or someone in Switzerland may be reading it. I probably need to figure that out.

Still, I have had a bit more time to write lately, and I’m enjoying it. I’m trying to branch out into the world of publication again, though I get distracted by the smallest things like our AC going out or the herd of ants that decided to take cover in our house after the storm this week.

I can say this: I feel like(should I even type this? Everyone please knock on wood!) Celiac is not quite the defining factor in our lives that it was even a few months ago. Yes, I think about it every day in terms of what we can and can’t eat, but most of what we’re doing is almost autopilot now. The think, think, think part is starting to subside. We have come to terms with some realities that are probably never going to change(chocolate people, Wren will probably never be able to eat chocolate. Who cares that she can’t have gluten, we’re talking about chocolate! How is she supposed to survive PMS in the future??) We don’t use the word fair anymore. Our lives are more than fair. There is nothing about our situation worth wallowing in. Actually, we’ve already wallowed, so I think we’re passed it and we now realize we have everything and more, so we need to build a bridge and get over it(I’m still coming to terms with the chocolate, but I persevere). Wren is seeing a naturopath who we LOVE. Sometimes I email her just because she’s awesome. I’m sure she doesn’t see me as a stalker at all! And finally, after 16 months, we’re seeing real, great, healthy change. This is change that could be like setting the restart button on Wren’s gut. She’ll always have Celiac, cross-contamination will still be considered pure evil in our house, but the slew of secondary autoimmune diseases Celiac acts as a gateway for just may have to take a hike. Her immune system is in a fabulous place. Her body is getting the support it needs from Jesus and the food and supplements He provides. Her body should, like everyone’s body, be able to heal itself of damage on its own once she’s been supported enough by supplements. Our bodies were made to do awesome things. I am in awe again about how intricately the Lord made each one of us, and what awesome things can be accomplished.

All that being said, maybe I can start writing about our journey a bit. Our journey is never-ending, but looking back I can see definite turning points and moves that helped as well as moves that did not. I also feel a little more prepared to manage the waves that crash into us over time knowing there’s a bigger plan than I can see. So, even if I’m writing about all this and we hit a rough patch again, I hope not to dive head first back into the trench, cover my ears, and start rocking back and forth crazy style. At the very least, maybe I won’t be down there as long.

Now, I just need to become a computer genius. How do I hyperlink things?

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