Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Jesus Year

I am turning 33. At the age of 33 Jesus had raised the dead, healed the sick, helped the blind see, fed 5000, turned water into wine, and died and risen for my sins. In my 33 years I have managed to do a few things of consequence, but I mostly treaded water, screwed up a lot, and kept asking for more when I already had enough. Today on the introduction to my Jesus year I am going to eat coconut cake and schedule a Swedish massage for some time next week. Earth shattering stuff, I know.

My priorities are almost always a little off kilter, and even when they’re spot on my follow through is not always great. I can just imagine how fabulous I would be if I was a bit slower and more steady instead of passionately on/off, black/white, all/nothing. There are advantages to my personality type I’m sure. However, the years of my life so far have pointed out the disadvantages pretty well.

Entering this year I am sick of politics, stupidity, stupid politicians, people who lie about what they put in food, everyone whose motive is money alone, my apathy towards others who need help, and a host of other things. I may be the most jaded I’ve ever been in my life. Don’t get me started on my thoughts about food(we’re eating our way to death), healthcare(most doctors are great when you’re sick and almost useless at keeping you from getting sick in the first place), insurance companies(this is a real love/hate issue for me), or politics(someone please just point me to the lesser evil come November). I listen to Lana Del Rey while biking, pedaling as hard as I can to push my body to forget all the injustices I’ve learned of and caused myself, with a little Carly Rae Jepsen tossed in so I don’t throw myself into oncoming traffic.

As jaded as I am, and as sure as I am that my Nanny was right about almost everything(more on that later), I haven’t lost all hope. There are good things, life is not a bunch of don’ts, I can trust Christ. He will beam me up one day more effectively than Scotty, and I will blow this joint in a big way. In the meantime, I think I better start using the time I have left for something besides griping, because I could do that forever and still accomplish nothing.

This is my Jesus year, my year to try to be more like my Savior and King like I should have been doing every year, to start some habits that stick that are in the positive category in hopes that will help knock some of the negatives out, the same way working out keeps me from diving into and eating every chocolate vegan brownie in one sitting.

I think it’s great to vote; it’s a civic duty. I think it’s good to stay aware of what’s going on with major issues in the world to form sound opinions. However, I am going to occupy more of my time this year with what Jesus occupied His time with during his years on Earth: people. Sinning, crazy, politically incorrect people. You know, people like me. I am going to focus on feeding the poor, helping the widows and orphans, loving my neighbor(even the drunk ones who randomly take my trash out on non-trash days). I am going to work on building relationships instead of judgments and remembering that everyone is coming from their own place with their own feelings, hurts, and issues. My hope is that this will become habit, I won’t have to think about. I will memorize scripture and it will occupy my thoughts instead of pride; I will sing praises and that will escape my lips instead of complaints; I am going to make living like Christ a discipline He leads me in instead of something I’m just waiting to see happen because I am a Christian. I am going to trust that where I’m being led is where I need to go, even if the vision in front of me is sometimes zero visibility. I am going to start my Jesus year.

*Things my Nanny was, and still is, right about: everyone should be taking supplements, some big business/government/insurance/some company has cures to diseases they are not handing over because of the money that would be lost in treatments(I thought she was nuts when she said this and now I SO get it), and things are not going to get better down here, so get your life right!

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  1. This is so funny...Last night, I referred to my next birthday as my Jesus Birthday! Great minds... (: