Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Part Three of Series

More tips in case you end up in possession of our children upon our demise:

There are gluten-free grains out there, but we don’t really eat them. They are okay to use to make goodies for a very occasional treat, but definitely do not let the kiddies get addicted. Their guts can’t take it. Also, if the flour comes from garbanzo beans, prepare to hear, “Stinky farts, stinky farts” for the rest of the day. You’ll probably smell them too.

Wren particularly has issues with sugar in any form. Honey, agave (though we don't love this one), maple syrup, and fruit in small controlled portions are okay. Any other kind of sugar causes a weakening of her immune system. No bueno.

The kids just drink water or So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk. It’s great for their guts, and they have never had anything else except coconut milk and breast milk, so they’re happy with it. There’s no hidden sugar.

Eating out: this should only take me two hours to explain. Many restaurants and fast food joints offer gluten-free menus. That does not mean someone with Celiac should eat there. In fact, you will generally see a disclaimer on the menu that says something to the effect of “We can’t guarantee not to kill you”. That’s not a good sign. While there may be gluten free items on a menu, cross-contamination is the devil, and most places are not knowledgeable enough about how to make 100% sure food does not get contaminated. Plus, with employee turnover, even if you assume everyone on staff is trained to handle contamination, unless every new employee is thoroughly trained, the risk is still there. There are a couple of places Dennis will eat out when work functions arise like PF Changs and its partner Pei Wei because they are known for their practices and can be researched on-line as to what they do for customers with food issues. That’s pretty much it, and the kids still don’t eat there. Sammy has never had fast food or restaurant food. Wren will always have a hard time eating out due to her inability to eat gluten, dairy, corn, soy, cane or granulated sugar, and a few more I don’t have on the tip of my tongue. I know of two bakeries in the Dallas area that are completely gluten-free establishments, but once again, reference foods Wren cannot ingest above. It’s not worth the hassle at this point in the game. FYI-My one adventure attempting gluten-free pizza at a restaurant where I asked every question, they took every precaution, and they were super smart about everything we discussed ended in me, the toilet, and about five hours of my life gone that I will never get back. I had my doubts when the waiter delivered my GF pizza and put it on the bottom of the pizza rack at the table with my friend’s gluten-filled pizza on top. What about crumbs? Why would they do that? Well, maybe none of the crumbs got on mine. Bad decision, and I paid the price.

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