Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trying New Things: Adopting Internationally, sort of

We didn’t really adopt a child, but we did offer to help support one this week. This is the second time we’ve done this, and it’s the first time with the Hands and Feet Project.

D and I have started to take the taking care of the orphans and needy thing seriously since our time spent reading the Bible puts it very high on the priorities list. Jesus wants us to help people. It’s what He’s about.

We still aren’t 100% sure what that looks like.  Maybe taking in foster kids, adopting within the states, adopting internationally.  Right now we are in the midst of already huge transitions, but we feel uncomfortable not doing anything.

We already help a child in Bangladesh through Compassion International.  It’s rewarding and the kids help make and send him crafts as well as pray for him daily. Still we thought, is there a way we can do more?

Then Dennis discovered the Hands and Feet Project.  The Hands and Feet Project offers individuals and families the opportunity to sponsor orphans in Haiti.  It’s $30 a month, and 10 sponsors are needed for each child.  It’s kind of like buying shares; we bought two shares for a sweet little one named Rachelle, and there are four shares that still need to be purchased for her.  It is more expensive to sponsor orphans than just to supplement and assist children with families in financial distress.  If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you can read why.

So now we have Gopal in Bangladesh and Rachelle in Haiti.  I feel our family is getting very international, and it’s awesome. It’s also helped us deal with the overwhelmed feeling of not knowing where to start when wanting to help.  Sure, it’s not huge, but it’s a step.  We know God will lead us to what’s next.

Here’s the link for the Hands and Feet Project.  Be warned, when you see Rachelle’s face you will want to pinch cheeks and cuddle her.  It’s impossible not to.  And if you choose to get involved, this project is perfect for introducing young kids to the needs of others.  Wren chose both our Compassion child and our Hands and Feet Project child.  The Hands and Feet Project offers a Family Room on Facebook when you help a child so you can see pictures and find out about their specific needs.  We spent quite a bit of time looking at those yesterday with Wren and Sammy.

Overall result: One of my favorite new things so far!

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