Friday, March 14, 2014

What I’ve Learned from Wren: Ask God to Pull Out the Big Guns

We started sponsoring Rachelle from the Hands and Feet Project a while back.  She is an orphan living in Haiti with a house mother who helps take care of seven orphans.  We see pictures of her and get updates on Facebook, and she is precious and sassy! 

We try to pray for her and our sponsored child through Compassion International daily as a family.  The kids are part of this prayer time and are curious about the situations these other kids find themselves in.  We pray for the kids to know the Lord, be well fed, protected from disasters, be healthy and safe.  Wren and Sam’s prayers are so sincere and thoughtful that I feel like I get more out of hearing them than being the one to pray out loud.

One day after telling Wren that Gopal and Rachelle’s situations were not the same, she asked me to elaborate.  I told her that Gopal lived with his parents and just needed a little extra help because they did not have a lot of money.  However, Rachelle’s parents aren’t with her anymore and she lives in an orphanage waiting to be adopted. 

“So, what should we pray for today?” I asked.

I listed ideas like peace for the kids’ hearts, good education, a few other recommendations.  Wren gave me ample time while staring at me like I might be the dumbest person she had ever met.  When I finished I asked, “Can you think of anything else?”

“Uh, yeah, mom.  I think we should probably pray for Rachelle to get some parents.”

From the mouths of babes.

I had never actually considered praying for Rachelle to be adopted.  A 34 year-old helping support an orphan in Haiti prayed for things like the well-being of Rachelle’s house mother and for Rachelle to know she’s loved and be fed and make friends.  Parents?  Uh, no.  Wouldn’t want to ask God to get all show offy now would we?

Wren pointed to a flaw I think most adults have, or at least a flaw I know I have:  I underestimate God.  The truth is, I serve a sovereign God and know His will will be done.  Even if what I pray for doesn’t happen, my faith in God doesn’t wane.  Still, why not ask Him to pull out the big guns?  How would it be bad to say, “Even if this doesn’t happen, I know I’m lucky to even know You.  Also, I know You are boundless and of course I’m going to ask for what I think is the greatest, biggest outcome in this situation, though I know the outcome will always be used for Your glory no matter what, and that You love us.”

Wren gets this.  Sammy gets this.  I am still learning. 


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