Friday, April 4, 2014

What I’ve Learned From Jen Hatmaker: So Much I Have No Title For This

Here’s Jen Hatmaker’s blog.  Go read it.  Please come back. 

Did you come back?  Wow, I wouldn’t have.  She is awesome.  Why aren’t you reading more of her blog and buying all her books.  Is this a relative reading?

Anyway, I can’t even remember how I stumbled across the gem that is Jen Hatmaker, but I love her.  If I ever visit Austin and see her I will probably make a total fool of myself, even more than usual. 

Here’s the short list of what I love, though it's not short:

Ø   She was raised in what sounds like a pretty standard Christian home, grew up, questioned everything and fell head over heels in love with Jesus even more;

Ø  She is honest about flaws in the church, but she LOVES the church and is trying to be the change she wants to see (stole that last part from Gandhi);

Ø  She says hard stuff but in a loving way, and her goal has never seemed to be to stir the pot for the sake of hurting people or causing controversy;

Ø  She gets love, like real love, Jesus love, loving people more than politics or rules or reputation or the easy way.  She wants to love like Jesus;

Ø  Her writing style makes me laugh, sometimes out loud in a very obnoxious way where I can’t explain why I’m laughing because I can’t stop long enough, but I try anyway;

Ø  Her writing makes me cry;

Ø  She introduced Sarah Bessey’s writing to me;

Ø  The book Seven: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess;

Ø  This could go on forever.

Add this to the list.  This week she said some hard things on her blog about what happened with World Vision and her stance on issues, and she took some serious verbal/typed beatings for it, and I'm not sure why.  In reading her words, I saw someone who had prayerfully sought the Lord and was hurting and was putting it out there in the way she knew how.  I respected it.  I respected that she knew she’d have to deal with some heat but did it anyway for the people it would touch in a positive way.  She prayerfully seeks and tries to convey what she finds.  She knows people have different opinions, she stands firm on Biblical truth, but she doesn’t condone hating your neighbor because they don’t agree with you.  She is all for loving them so much they don’t even know what to do.  I want to learn to build community like she does.  I want to learn to not be afraid to say hard things.  I want time to refine my writing style like she has, because reading her words is like someone pouring poetry into my ears and letting it swim freely in my mind and heart. 

So if you currently have not liked Jen Hatmaker’s page on Facebook, do that.  You’ll see when she posts new blogs and can jump on them like I do.  Read Seven.  Sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy her writing like you do meeting with an old friend because that’s what it feels like.  An old friend I might stalk if I can ever drag my crew to Austin.  I’m sure all six of us will make stealthy stalkers.

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