Friday, April 11, 2014

What I’ve Learned: Jesus is the Real World

I thought about calling this series Jesus in the Real World because of all the ways He’s shown up for me in music, movies, people, sunsets, just life.  But then I realized it would be more accurate to say that Jesus is the real world.  Everything in it is His.  When I don’t see Christ, it just means I’m not looking or listening or tuned in the way I need to be.

We’ll start Holy Week Sunday, one of my favorite and most conflicted times of year.  We have our family traditions related to this time of year, and more questions come up as the kids get older.  They spent last week building a Resurrection garden with grandma and Aunt Sherry, and we’ll take that to Athens with us next weekend for Easter to spend time with my family.  We’re starting a new tradition, putting a small-enough-to-fit Jesus in the tomb of the Resurrection garden on Friday and then having the kids come out Sunday morning to see the stone rolled away and the Jesus figure gone.  Some kids get Easter baskets; our kids get empty tombs and the truth of a Risen God. 

Jesus, thankfully, is not small enough to fit or stay within any kinds of boundaries.  He’s everywhere.  I’ve found Him in endless loads of laundry, in the face of a homeless man, in the five minutes I have to socialize with other mamas during AWANAs pick up.  I’ve heard Him in the whirl of the white noise machine breaking through teething cries that last for hours.  I’ve seen Him at midnight as D stares at Asher or Eowyn knowing he has to wake up for work in five hours but fine with the fact that they are awake and want to smile and coo.  I’ve seen Him in Wren drawing pictures for Sammy to make him smile and Sammy agreeing to play with Wren’s dolls if they will ride on Thomas the train instead of just prance around.  He’s with me, always.

Honestly, I could blog on what I’ve learned forever and never be finished.  In a way, I will since I’ll continue to blog and lessons from the Lord will be here, even outside of this series.  For now, I’m going to call this the final entry in the What I’ve Learned series, though I will post a sort of Jesus Year index throughout the weekend and next week, more for my information than anything else.  It will be a list of songs and books and movies that heavily affected this exploration.  I want to remember and I want to continue to move forward.  I want to carry it all with me and continue to collect the new experiences.

I’m toying with the idea of picking up the Trying New Things and Little Things series on the blogs again since I am in a place to start some new resolutions, I think.  Things are calming down a bit, as calm as they will ever be.  I’m going to continue to write because I won’t journal any other way, and I like it.  Feel free to continue to read. 


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