Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Homeschool Bible Time

We finished reading the Action Bible to the kids on Sunday!  Now that we're done, we are starting over, going through each Bible story and taking time to break it down, learn more songs, memorize more verses, and do more activites related to each one.  I'm going to try to post what we are doing on the blog so I will have it as each little one comes up and we repeat all this.  If it helps anyone, YAY! 
Full disclaimer:  I am not reinventing the wheel, so I'm basically using great resources I find and plugging them in. 
Here's is what we've been up to this week in regards to Bible Study.
> We've been reading the first pages of the Action Bible that cover Creation. We read about days 1-3 one day and days 4-6 on the next day.
> We then did the activity from this Pinterest site. I just created my own based on her picture.

We discovered the Creation Song and have been singing it all day!
Creation Song:
Tomorrow we are going to go through why God rested and what it means to have a day of rest and what we think God wants our day of rest and worship to look like.
Probably Thursday I am going to read a paragraph from the attachment below. We are teaching a Creationist/young Earth perspective, so we want the kids to know that they may come across people who question how the Earth was created, but it's fine to believe it was created exactly the way God said it was.
I'm just using the paragraph from Day 1 for now.

Verse to remember:  Genesis 1:1  In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth (or the "erff" if Sammy is saying it.)

Again, I'm going to attempt to keep up with posting everything as we go through the Bible again.  I will probably get behind because that's what I do, but maybe not!  If you find anything awesome you think we'd enjoy, please comment.

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