Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Story of the Fall

We covered the story of Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit and all the awfulness that came out of that adventure in disobedience.  We took a lot of time and drug this one out because I think this is a story I always felt like I knew, but I have read so much more about it and developed more understanding that's made this story more meaningful to me in the last couple of years.  It's also made it so much sadder, so much more devastating.  I want the kids to understand the enormity of this, the pivotal change, the before when God was hanging out in the garden with the people He loves and the after where we long for His presence.  Then the biggie: that He came back for us.

Bible Story:  Read about the fall in The Action Bible.

Verse:  Psalm 51:4 Against You, God, have I sinned and done what is evil in Your sight.
We chose this one because it was from Wren's Awana's book covering this story.

Art Activity: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/206602701631022404/

We did our own version of the above and wrote "the devil lies" on the back of our tree trunk.
We also collected items that might be in the Garden of Eden and put them in a shoe box.  We're assembling Little People figures so the kids can perform "The Fall" using their tree and box. 

What we emphasized:

Misinterpreting or misrepresenting facts is not good
 Adam told Eve they couldn't even touch the tree, which wasn't exactly true.  Adam told Eve they couldn't touch it instead of what God said, which was don't eat from it.  The devil used the misinterpretation to his advantage when deceiving Eve.

The devil lies
Sin does equal earthly death for all of us.  Satan is a deceiver. 

I wish I didn't know sin
When I was younger I wondered what in the world could be so wrong about that tree.  Who wouldn't want to have knowledge?  However, if I could save my kids from the knowledge of bad things, I would.  I would not know evil.  I didn't need that knowledge and I don't feel lucky to have it.

The heartbreak of God
Donald Miller's book Searching For God Knows What does an excellent job when discussing the heartbreak God must have felt at this betrayal and how awful it must have been when He knew He couldn't, in His perfection, be in the garden with these people He loved anymore.  Miller really brings out the relational betrayal, makes you feel it.  I think I cried reading it.

The heartbreak of humans and that desire to be near Him
About once a month Wren goes to bed crying because she wants to see God.  See Him, for real, right now.  She knows she has a relationship with Christ and He is always with her, but sometimes the desire to be with Him overwhelms her, and it's at least a half hour conversation to calm her down.  For me, the story of the fall helps explain this.  Of course we want to be with God all the time; that was the original plan.  Until we get to Heaven, it makes sense that we would desire His presence.  I think Wren's desire for that presence is stronger than anyone I have ever met.

He sent His son to fix our mistake
After such a betrayal, it's even more amazing He would send His son to save us, but God wanted us back that bad.  That's the silver lining to this one. 

We didn't sing a song this week.  I'm sure I could have found one on YouTube, but it didn't feel like a sing-a-song-about-sin-entering-the-world kind of week.  This particular story was a bit heavy. 

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