Saturday, July 19, 2014

What It’s All About

Anyone who has seen my Facebook posts this week is probably curious about why I would want to host a trunk party for Noonday Collection when the only thing I’m usually accessorized with are children and left over breakfast food.  I put on a pair of earrings the other day and Sammy said, “Wow, mommy, you look like a princess.  Now go put on pretty shoes and brush your hair.”  I’m the antithesis of the accessory crazy girly-girl. 

Also, I have no interest in becoming a Noonday Ambassador, though it’s probably a cool venture if you are interested in that sort of thing.  I am bowing out of my part-time job at a library that I have enjoyed for almost three years because my full focus needs to be on D and the kiddies.  I plan on writing, trying to carve out a niche freelancing if that work outs, but I don’t plan on taking on another form of employment in the near future if possible.  It’s hard to commit to be anywhere but managing Ramirez, Inc. right now.

So, why would a non-girly girl not seeking a financial incentive who also can occasionally be an anti-social introvert want a bunch of people in her messy house looking at jewelry and purses?

I like Noonday, and I don’t find a ton of companies these days doing things I like.

I want to be a part of helping marginalized people work using their gifts and talents.  I would rather send my dollars their way than up the chain of corruption most places offer.

I want to set an example for my kids that it makes a difference where I spend the money God gave me and that seemingly little things matter.

I want to feel like even in this stage of life where I don’t feel as “out there” participating because I am home educating and playing and keeping fingers out of electrical sockets that what I do can still make a difference. 

Also, this would be an excuse to get together with friends I have put on hold because they haven’t been right in front of my face every day and four other tiny people always needing food have.

Even as a non-girly girl, I can get excited about pretty stuff, and if I’m going to spend money on anything, I’d like to know where the money is going and that it is meaningful.  Plus, I have a couple of birthdays and white elephant Christmas gifts coming up.  Instead of pacing through Target a week before the events panicked, frustrated, muttering, “Where do you go to learn to shop?”  I will have items I love already wrapped and ready, and I know the people receiving them will love them.  (Ladies in the family, get ready to THROW DOWN over the white elephant gift I will be bringing!)

So, I hope that clears up any confusion.  I knew when Wren saw me in a nightgown and thought I was wearing a dress and ready for an evening on the town that further explanation must be provided.  I’m low maintenance maybe to the point of being borderline sloth-like about appearance, but perhaps after spending dough on precious, meaningful items that directly help others live dignified lives, someone can teach me how to accessorize.

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