Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Weekly Grocery Challenge Week 4

We're headed out of town to see my niece graduate from high school.  The fact that my niece is old enough to graduate from high school is not something I have fully processed yet.

The good news is I will have plenty of time to process that information since food is going to be planned when we get down there and will be pretty simple for the next four days.  I'm not bringing a ton of food from home because my hometown has evolved into the kind of place where safe gluten-free food is available.

I am going to make a trip to Aldi's to grab quick snacks, and we're making a trek to Whole Foods today to grab a cake.  Whole Foods has gluten-free cakes in their frozen food section that are made off-site in a gluten-free facility.  I could just make one myself, but I'm going to simplify life even more and grab a frozen one.  I pray that the fact that it is rock solid and impossible to cut until thawed will keep the six of us from tearing into it before the graduation party on Saturday.  Fingers crossed!

So, I don't have any new recipes for you this week, but I will post what we ate while we were out of town when I get back.  I always go a little indulgent when away from home, so don't expect an extremely healthy meal plan next week.  Hot dogs, pancakes, bacon, and cake are happening for sure if that helps give you any idea of how this weekend is going to play out!

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