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Essays, Articles, and Creative Non-fiction
The Conundrum of Lyle and My Creative Life
The Other Baby
The Woods
A Gluten-Free Table in the Wilderness
Safe Places
Can A Mother Be Undeserving of Her Child's Love?
The World Spins
The Balloon Text
The Runner
Bluebonnet Season
Milestones You Didn't Know to Look Forward To
It's Almost Never the Things You Plan
Traced Footsteps
To All the Moms I Know
10 Things I Wish I'd Known Before Homeschooling
Food Traditions
Inside the Snow Globe
When Life is Water and I Wake Up Drowning
Mother, Daughter, Female, Body
On Vasectomies, White Walls, and Fresh Starts
The Day Yoga Became Sacred
Teaching Our Kids to be Losers
What Parenting Taught Me About My Ambivert Tendencies
The Danish Practice That Will Up Your Family's Happiness Factor
On Fault and Grace
How Research is Destigmatizing Older Motherhood  
Raising an Orchid Child in a Dandelion World
The One Question We Can Ask to Shape Girls Body Image
Six Ways Dads Can Help Raise Feminist Sons
Ending the Cycle of Inherited Fear
Why Likability Wins Over Status When It Comes to Our Kids' Relationships
Five Ways to Prevent Summer Reading Programs from Sucking Out the Joy
Why Being Vulnerable is the Key to Close Friendships
Five Ways to Smooth Transitions for the Whole Family
Managing Serious Allergies During the Tween Years
Using Minimalism to Teach Our Kids That Less Really is More
Why the Lazy Days of Summer are the Most Memorable for Kids
How My Grandmother, Two Dogs, and Day Camp Transformed My Summer
How the Enneagram Can Make Us Better Parents
Why the Language We Use to Discuss Postpartum Life Isn't Working 
The Simple Time Management Trick That Boosts Your Productivity
Help Your Empath Make Their Way in the World Without Putting Them in a Bubble
The Project Management Tool You Can Use to Wrangle Your Family
Can We Love to Learn a Place That's Not a Perfect Fit?
How to Get Gift-Givers on Board with Giving Experiences Over Things
Teaching Our Kids to Embrace the Lessons of Envy
Broken Things
New Ways to Praise: Moving Beyond "I'm Proud of You"
The Case for Boredom to Ignite Our Minds
I Don't Regret My Birth Plan: Notes from the Forever C-section Mom
Move Over Marie Kondo. Swedish Death Cleaning is Where It's At
A Shared Journal, an MRI, and Perspective
How to Salvage Holiday Birthdays
Why the Four Burners Theory is Totally Unrealistic
What a Hostage Negotiator Can Teach Us About Parenting
Cures for the Common Bad Day
The Inconvenience of Girls Who Want
When Raising Kids Collides with the U-Curve
When All I See Are Snakes
How to Have Constructive Conversations With Kids About Mental Health
Want to be Happier This Year?  Learn Your Tendency
Why Focus Words are Better Than Resolutions
How Focusing on Strengths Gives Our Kids an Edge
If Entertaining Overwhelms You, Throw More Crappy Dinner Parties
I Found the Secret to Connecting With My Tween
Stop Telling Me to Put My Twins in Matching Clothes
The Importance of Offering Children An Intergenerational Identity
How to Live a Life of Lagom (and Prosper) Like the Swedes
My C-section Scar is Evidence That Pain Can Fade
The Message Our Teenage Girls are Getting About Their Bodies...
Progress in Parenting Isn't a Straight Line, Mama

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