Saturday, October 29, 2011

Companies who are doing it right

Tom’s-With or without fluoride, this is a great toothpaste that does not contain gluten. In fact with the exception of maybe two lines of products, Toms of Maine products are completely gluten free. They sometimes offer coupons for free samples. Wren recommends the Silly Strawberry fluoride free toothpaste. It’s made brushing teeth a lot less work!

Larabars-There is so much to say about Larabars. The ingredient list is short and contains real ingredients; all of their bars are gluten free, and most are dairy free, non GMO, vegan, kosher, soy free. There is nothing but nuts, fruits, and spices, and they are delicious! A staple in our house, we buy them in bulk when they are on sale. Kroger has them 10/$10 right now, and I had Kroger coupons. Our pantry looks like a Larabar explosion occurred.

Enjoy Life-I am addicted to Not Nuts mix from this company. Addicted might not be strong enough of a word. They not only rid their products of gluten but of the top 8 allergens people struggle with(we are probably allergic to at least 5). Somewhat pricey for the portions, they still can’t be beat when it comes to price or safe products.

Kiss my Face-When I buy sunscreen, I don’t just look for gluten free. I want mineral based that offers the best protection without toxic chemicals for a price I can actually afford. Kiss My Face bought on Amazon is what I found. This was one of my most exciting finds due to the duration of time I spent seeking this product(and if you are wondering why someone needs gluten free sunscreen, wait till you have children!)

Jason’s-Gluten-free soap may not be a necessity if you’re over five years of age and don’t attempt to drink it out of a tea cup in the bathtub, but I like the idea of not letting any of what I call “satan’s ingredient” in my home. Jason’s makes a soap, an olive oil soap I think(it’s green and in my shower, but I threw away the package and can’t remember exactly) that is so good on the skin, available at Kroger, and lasts forever. Jason’s has other gluten free products as well, but check the package or the website to verify. The soap clearly says gluten free, and it’s good to know my husband can eat it if he ever really gets in a jam!

Wholesome Foods Bakery-This is a new discovery, one that makes us happy! We rarely eat grains since we’re mainly on a Paleo diet, but when we do, this is where we do it. Owned and managed by a mom and her daughter, both who actually have Celiac, nothing contains gluten, most items are free of dairy and corn, and all of it is perfection. This is not food that’s good for gluten free food; this is just amazing food. Check out their website. They will ship your order, such a dangerous prospect for a girl who loves fudge brownies.

Applegate-Sausage, nitrate-free turkey and chicken slices, and a ton of other foods come from Applegate. We shy away from the chicken nuggets and other non-Paleo selections, but this food is delicious with few ingredients, and high quality ones at that.

Melaleuca-I used to be a Marketing Rep for this company. I bring this up to offer full disclosure, but I don’t add them to this list because I used to work for them. Check out the website at There is a button on the lower left hand side that clearly says gluten free, and clicking on it will take you to their more than 200 gluten free products, including vitamins. If it’s from Melaleuca, it also contains no other harsh ingredients and is super safe because of what’s not in them. Cleaning products, shampoo, some foods, and more are included on the extensive gluten free list, and finding what is gluten-free is not a challenge for once.

Burt’s Bees-Not all Burt’s Bees products are gluten-free, but if they contain gluten the words oats, wheat, barley, etc. will be used. They don’t try to hide behind the 500 different things gluten can be called. What an honest and amazing concept! We love the baby wash and shampoo, an all in one bath treat for the kiddos that makes fun, fluffy bubbles.

So Delicious products-From coconut milk to coconut milk ice cream, this has been a favorite since Wren’s diagnosis. The ice cream is a sweet treat on occasion, and the milk has made my husband happy about breakfast again. Coconut everything is all the hype right now, and for good reason. The health benefits are solid and the taste is amazing. I also frequently find coupons, which makes a good thing even better.

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