Thursday, June 6, 2013

My 18th Little Thing

Recap:  The kids enjoyed purpose-based learning and play all week.  I didn't finish our homeschool plans for the year, but I have a good start.  Here are pics of some of their fun:

Train created for every Little Person figure in our house.

Wren pushing her boat around the block castle/farm.  We also
used the blocks as counting toys.

Week 18:  Increase endurance while resting

Due to the great appointment today showing Asher and Eowyn looking awesome and being over 4 pounds and the fact that I am over 35 weeks pregnant, I was put on relaxed bedrest.  My specialist's instructions were that I can move around, but don't go crazy and sign up for a Zumba class.  God bless her for thinking I could even dream of taking Zumba with an extra almost 50 pounds on my body.

I was instructed to still rest, and I really don't have a choice.  The added weight, the six weeks on bedrest, the overall physical craziness it is taking to continue this pregnancy have taken their toll.  I have no endurance. I walked Sammy to sit in our special chair so he could deal with his big feelings after a tantrum a couple of days ago.  The walk to and from the special chair convinced me that unless his big feelings led to someone bleeding, I wasn't making that walk again.

Sure, I can get around, but I feel it.  I feel it majorly.  My OB has warned me that c-section recovery will be more of a trial this time around because of the toll the bedrest has taken on my muscles.  She's encouraged me to do as much as I can in a very limited way to try to build myself up to make it better later.  Limited is the key word.

Seeing how bad I am at balance, this will take some work.  I feel I will want to sleep all day or I will want to attempt to take up jogging.  There has to be somewhere in between, and I need to find it.  I will err on the side of caution and go slow and easy, mainly because I really have no other gear right now.

Here are some pics of today's awesomeness:

35 weeks, 1 day
Eventually, I will block the whole door.

Asher, we think.

Eowyn, we're pretty sure.

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