Sunday, December 11, 2016

Wren at Age 8

This weekend has been full of  birthday celebrations since the first December birthday is over and Wren is now 8. 

D and I fell into a conversation about what having an eight-year-old means, and it got kind of head trippy.  She's half-way to a driver's license and ten years from legal adulthood.  Yeah. 

As always, we told her about her birth story when her little breech butt was wedged into my body, and it took doctors longer to remove her than it did her twin sisters.  She thinks this is hilarious. I can laugh a little now that I have almost forgotten having to ask the question,"Um, this is a C-section, am I supposed to feel that?" and hearing "Do you feel pain or just weird pressure?  Because the weird pressure is fine.  She won't come out and we're ripping your incision open wider trying to encourage her to come down." Yeah, it's still not that funny, but I'm glad she gets a kick out of it every year. 

For her celebration, she had lunch at Twisted Root, hung out with some homeschool friends at Urban Air due to an impromptu playdate, and then partied with her family and friends on Saturday.  We also did her yearly interview, and this is what I found out: 

New Shopkins Watch Bling. 

What is your proudest accomplishment from this year?
W:  Finishing my AWANAS book

What new adventures are you excited about this year?

What is your idea of a perfect day?
A birthday party

How do you grow closer to God?
Bible study

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A race car driver

What is your least favorite chore?  anything that interrupts playing


Color: purple
Subject: math, specifically division
Dessert: trail mix from Unrefined Bakery
Thing you learned this year:  triple digit times double digit multiplication
Book: Babymouse
Thing to do:  Be with family and have fun
Place to go: Playdates
Movie you saw at the theater:  Trolls
Date activities:  Urban Air
Song:  "Real Gone" from the Cars Soundtrack

I have to say that this kid's heart is unique.  Sam's birthday is a whopping 12 days after hers(by Sam's choice mind you.  He was due Nov. 27 but stayed put until four days before Christmas.  Now that we know my cervix is defective, maybe it was my fault, but either way, I gestate as long as most elephants) and Sam was bummed because Wren would get a birthday present before him.  We explained a million times that she got to have a special day just like he would on his birthday, and his day would be here soon.  His response:  "I just don't even want to think about Wren's birthday because she is going to be extremely loud about being excited that day, and I'm not so excited because I want my birthday the same day as hers."  As this point, the twins side-eyed him like, Think twice, man. Claim your unique birthday.  We were born 15 seconds apart. 

Wren, as opposed to being upset, felt bad for Sam and asked for permission to give Sam his birthday present from her on her birthday so they both had something to open.  I originally said no, thinking that Sam learning to work his way through this would be the better lesson, but Wren got so upset that I let Sam open the present Wren bought him with her money.  I think I got suckered by them both.

Wren can't stand to see anyone sad, and we're working on her understanding that fixing the world isn't her job.  However, I think she is already making it a better place just by being here. 

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