Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Book Review Part 2

What Alice Forgot-Liane Moriarty


This may have been my favorite summer read. Recommended by a woman from church who helps run a book club, this book was uplifting, hilarious, and thought provoking all at the same time. I prayed for
my children to take longer naps when I was reading this book so I could devour it as fast as possible, then I was sad when I finished reading it because it was over. It was that kind of book.

Alice wakes up after passing out at the gym believing she is 29, passionately in love with her husband, and pregnant with their first child. Those were her last memories before she blacked out. But actually, the bump on her head lost her ten years: she is 39, has three kids, and is in the middle of an ugly divorce. Confused and determined to get her life back, Alice embarks on figuring out what happened during those ten years. With a strong voice, real characters, and a dose of humor, Moriarty shows us how we can get from one place in our life to another, and that the journeys we take can lead us to places we never planned on going. Amazing, awesome, stop reading this and go grab this book!

Bossypants-Tina Fey

I’ve never really watched much Saturday Night Live because we don’t have TV, and if I am up that late I’m usually reading or nursing someone. The cover of Tina Fey’s Bossypants is what drew me in. I figured anyone whose book cracked me up from the cover and the descriptions on the back was worth a read. Plus, I’ll admit, at this point I was getting worried about making it to twelve books, so I was looking for a fast read. This did not look like a book that causes one to think exceptionally hard, and it wasn’t. It was hilarious though. Good fun, and not completely void of insight.

The Forgotten Waltz-Anne Enright

I found this title on Novellist or some other search engine I use to introduce me to new authors who I might not have heard of but who are making a name for themselves with solid literature. Enright is Irish which caught my attention because of William Trevor, an Irish author whose literature I fell head over heals in love with in college. The Forgotten Waltz follows the protagonist’s affair as well as her life leading up to it. The writing is clean, the story was good in the sense that it was not manipulative. No contrived surprises, no
drawing a reader in for the big boom at the end. It was well written enough to stand alone as the story it was written to be. The book was real and strong and I will definitely read more from Enright.

Fairy Tale Interrupted-Rosemarie Terenzio

Once again, I judged a book by its cover. John F. Kennedy Jr. and Caroline Bessett Kennedy adorn the cover of this one, and it is told by Kennedy’s assistant for the last few years of his life, Terenzio. This was also a quick read and chronicled Kennedy’s time at George, the magazine he founded. It was nice to hear about this beautiful power couple from someone who knew them both pretty well. I remember where I was when the plane carrying JFK, Jr., Caroline, and Caroline’s sister Lauren went down, and this book brings back those feelings of sadness and loss. Terenzio weaves in the story of her life and how it intersected and was forever changed by her relationship with Kennedy.

Next up:
The Ministry of Christ 1000 Days-Jonathan Fallwell
The Newlyweds-Nell Freudenburger
Memoirs of Pontius Pilate-James Miller
A Moveable Feast-Ernest Hemingway

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