Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reminder to Me

Food is not supposed to be a soother. I’ve tried desperately in the last year to stop looking at it that way. It’s food, not a favorite blankie. But today was kind of a day, and this week has been a mix of good and frustrating and all hands on deck 24/7 coupled with insomnia, and when I can sleep there are vivid nightmares, and I didn’t get to see Piper today which is one of the only reasons I’m even sort of sane every other day of the week. Oh, and I’m not packed for our trip to Athens tomorrow. And Sammy loves working down to where he’s only nursing four hours a day so much (yes people, I said down) that he head butted me in the sternum four times. And it hurts. Plus I spent 30 minutes with children having my on-line banking password reset only to have it lock me out anyway when I tried to sign in again. So, I’m going to get gluten-free, dairy-free, coconut ice cream. I’m eating it all in one sitting. And I am not feeling guilty.* Forget the blankie; I’ll rest easy with my food.

*I know this is not an interesting post. I’m writing it to remind myself why I shouldn’t feel guilty when I start to feel guilty after I eat all the ice cream.

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