Thursday, February 7, 2013

My 4th Little Thing

Recap: I was much more active this week.  With the weather nice, we made trips to the park which kept me on my feet, and I seemed to be on my feet at work most of the time as well. I clocked a ton of miles walking, and that felt nice and helped my lower back pain.  Plus, I went insane on my kids' bedroom, cleaning like I’m already nesting.  That was a work out that actually left me feeling more tired than anything else I did this week.  So, while nothing was crazy structured, I stayed vertical for longer periods of time without consequence and tried to fill my still moments with movement.

Week 4: Never be in a hurry

Carrying two kids in utero and keeping up with two kids oustide of utero, there is no such thing as hurry. We move when we move and we arrive when we arrive.  However, there are times that the kids want to move at an even slower pace so they can spread their wings and be more independent, which basically means try something they don't know how to do and take an otherwise quick task and turn it into the event that time sucks the whole day.

This has been rough for me, not because I'm a super busy hurried person, but because there are some events I like to just finish at a normal speed.  For instance, grocery shopping.  With both kids in the buggy, I can zoom through our list in no time, therefore allowing us the rest of the day for more entertaining activites.  But now Wren wants to walk.  She is four with functioning legs, but her idea of walking and mine are not the same.  I believe walking is walking.  She believes walking is fairy dancing, talking to her "friends" on every aisle, and stopping to touch everything in the store.  For some reason, this kills me.  I need to try harder to remember what it's like to be a kid.

I will need prayer on this one as my first experiment offered this: the park, the one that is a five to seven minute walk from our house if Wren is walking, like real, me telling her cars are going to hit her walking, and Sammy is in the stroller took us 27 minutes to get to when Wren and Sammy decided to bring toys to ride. These are great toys and they should ride them. Sammy riding his backwards for four minutes did not help our time. The realization that got me was that it took 54 minutes to get to and from the park, and we were only there for 45 minutes. But it's not the desitnation, it's the journey, right? So I am going to spend the week being more on board with the journey. We may be moving at slower than a snail's pace, but I will be on board.

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