Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sammy at Four

Sammy’s birthday blog is a tad bit late since we were lucky enough to spend his birthday with our family in Athens where I zoned out on all things writing related.  I now have a four year-old little man who helped me weigh bananas and pick out kiwi at the grocery store today.  I’m in shock.

Here are some fun facts about what the Sam man was like this last year.


played Barbies with Wren using his Thomas train to provide the Barbies with transportation

asked to go to the bakery twice for his birthday in lieu of doing anything else

is a foodie.  He asked for and received an apron for Christmas because, “Wren has one and I help cook so why don’t I?”

says, “that’s weird” if he sees you eating food he wants to try

is good at saying, “speaking of” and moving seamlessly to the next topic

has been obsessed with Ninja Turtles, Jack Frost, Minions, Toy Story, Cookie Monster, and Fix It Felix

saw his first movie, The Box Trolls, at the big movies

saw his second movie, Big Hero Six, at the big movies

can sit still and color, use scissors, and do puzzles for an insanely long amount of time

used scissors on Wren’s finger this year just to see what would happen.  Was demoted to safety scissors for a while after that.  (He’s honest.  He confessed he just wanted to see what would happen, though I kind of suspect he knew it wouldn’t be good since he didn’t use them on himself.)

is passive aggressive as opposed to confrontational.  As opposed to asking for a cookie, he will just walk up and say, “Cookies sure do sound good.”

loves to grab my hair and say, “You’re not going anywhere.  You stay with me forever!”

calls me Gisele from Enchanted.(He’s my Prince.)

loves Asher and Eowyn and likes to remind people, “these are my babies.  You can’t take them.”

adores Wren and wants her everywhere he is.

started AWANAs as a Cubbie and is earning badges!

asks me to turn on the oven light so he can “watch the food.”

is an introvert.

For his birthday he decided on a Minions birthday cake and the trampoline bounce place.  It was going to be a boys’ day for him and daddy, but he wanted the whole family to come.  Due to sick babies, he took Wren and Daddy and they had a blast. 

The day after Samuel Dylan was born
It's been a miracle-filled journey with this one from day one.  What a gift.

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