Saturday, December 13, 2014

Wren at Age 6

Wren turned 6 Tuesday.  I have no idea how that happened. 

Since I have abandoned all attempts at baby books for any of my kids, I’m going to list some things about Ms. Wren at this stage in her life. 

Ø   She is a completest.  She finished her book of verses for AWANAs in October, her extra credit book on December 1st, and is now working on TruthScripts.  Her reason for moving so fast is because she likes to learn verses, likes to read them, and needs to finish things.  Like her dad, she does not like to leave a task unfinished.  She also earned Sparky Clubber of the Quarter in November.

She also:

Ø  Loves clothes

Ø  Is a girly girly who just happens to love to dig in the dirt for worms

Ø  Likes adventure stories

Ø  Has finished several chapter books and LOVES reading comics with dad

Ø  Is a master at the Minions computer racing game

Ø  Learned to climb trees (and fall out of them!)

Ø  Is my ultimate helper with the girls and Sammy

Ø  Can draw anything she can see

Ø  Has perfectionist tendencies (upon completing 42 double digit addition problems and only missing three, she cried and said, “maybe I can do better tomorrow since I messed everything up today!”  Sigh.)

Ø  Is convinced she can run as fast as The Flash

Ø  Learned to do cartwheels (says Hi-ya! like a ninja when she does them)

Ø  Knows more about Star Wars than I do

Ø  Saw Big Hero Six, The Box Trolls, and How to Train a Dragon Two at the big movies

Ø  Went ice skating twice

Ø  Wrote her first comic

>  Is known as "No Shells Wren" because she can crack eggs and leave no trace of shells behind

Ø  Has a bond with her brother that is closer than any two siblings I’ve ever seen.  Common declarations are, “I’m crying because Sammy is sad”, “I hope Sammy doesn’t mind that we are having a girl day” and “Don’t worry, Sam.  I’ll cover your ears while mom gets the soap out of your hair.” 

For her birthday this year she opted to bring a sweet friend ice skating at the Galleria, grab cupcakes at the bakery and wear her birthday present, the coveted Elsa dress.    

Six years flew by.  This kid is one of a kind, and I'm glad God gave her to me.

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