Friday, August 1, 2014

Ms. Cathy

A couple of years ago, God dropped an angel in my lap by the name of Cathy.  I needed someone to keep Sam and Wren for only five hours a day two days a month, manage Wren’s Celiac and make sure she did not get contaminated, and help Sammy transition to staying with someone who was not his mom or dad when he had never done that before.  Plus, they could not cost me the kids’ college tuition.

Easy to find, right?

Not so much, but after much searching Ms. Cathy emerged.  She met all the requirements and even taught my kids Spanish and letters, created art with them, became an expert Barbie dresser while also knowing how to throw in a pirate for Sammy so he could terrorize Barbie.  She even submitted curriculum plans to me every month so I would know what her ten hours with the kids was going to look like.  We struck gold.

Then I told her I would raise her pay ever so slightly if she would juggle four kids when I gave birth to the twins.  She said okay, brought me food and all the kids gifts while I was on maternity leave, and refused to work for her other employer on the Fridays she came to our house even though I’m 100% sure she could have made more money. 

When my Nanny was visiting a few months ago, she witnessed Cathy in action.  Since that day, anytime Nanny sees me with the kids she starts her sentences, “Well, Cathy holds them this way” or “Cathy got them down for naps without as much fuss” or “Do not EVER lose Cathy.” 

My last day as a part-time library employee for the City of Plano is next Friday.  Today is Cathy’s last day with the kids.  We have vowed to stay in touch, have playdates (her two sons are close to Wren and Sam’s age), and not ever completely lose contact.  She’s too important to our kids, too important to all of us.  Still we know we won’t see her as frequently.  Wren has a complete breakdown when Cathy leaves the house and is coming back in two weeks.  I dread her leaving today more than I can put into words.  My guess is Wren will still be weeping on Monday. 

We made her a gift to pay tribute to all the arts and crafts she has done with the kids through the years.  I won’t lie, we did not do as great of a job as she would have.  Still, we tried.

The transition to being at home full-time is welcome in many ways, but there are hard parts and this will be one of the hardest. 

So, to Ms. Cathy for all the love she’s shown my kids and for being someone I could trust them with when trusting was not the easiest thing for me after the shell shock of what we call “the Celiac trauma”.  I couldn’t have asked for anyone better and received so much more than I expected.  You’re a blessing.

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