Thursday, January 24, 2013

My 2nd Little Thing

Recap from Last Week:  I am much less of a liar now. Honestly, it’s true. Focusing on slowing down and making sure I thought before saying I could or would do something seemed to work, and it slowed the kids down on asking for as much. They weren’t firing off as many requests, I wasn’t firing off thoughtless answers; it made for a better week. 

Week 2:  Spend More Time with Adults Away from the Casa

I love my kids. I am around them probably about 98% of their lives, and that’s the way I like it. However, I look forward to time with adults in a way that is filled with such insane excitement that the emotions it brings on are a sign I don’t actually see adults enough. Sure, we have play dates where mommies attempt to squeeze in everything about their lives in between food requests, falls from the swing, and the emotional breakdowns of children. And I spend more time with my husband on a regular basis than most all of the people who have regular date nights and child-free vacations but don’t actually see each other any other time (D and I must have a certain amount of us time a day to remain uncranky when our children play with stranger pee).

Where I tend to fail is leaving the house for this time. There is always the possibility of distractions. So my goal for this week is to spend away-from-house time with adults I like. This is already on the calendar, so unless something major happens, I should have a date with the hubs after the kids go to bed tomorrow night and a girl date on Saturday.

Please Lord, no illness, no whammies, have mercy since I’m going to have four children soon and this will become a lot harder.

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