Thursday, December 24, 2015

Samuel Dylan at 5

Sammy, who's middle name came from the famous Bob, just turned 5.  Here are some important facts about this little man.

Favorite Way to Relax:  hot baths

Favorite Candy: M&Ms

Favorite Subject to Study: Pinball math game(addition)

Favorite Memories: Dates with mom or dad

Favorite Food: okra

Favorite Destination: the bakery

This year Sammy:

attended VBS for the first time;
learned to write letters;
received all his first year AWANAS badges and is working on his second year;
became an expert on The Three Stooges and The Headless Horseman.

Sammy, like every person in our family, has big feelings and is passionate about his interests.  He can quote movies and do spot-on impersonations, as well as name a song by just the first few notes.  He enjoys movie scores just like his dad, and like D he is exceptionally talented in the area of visual arts. Sammy is a foodie and likes to be involved in the kitchen.  He frequently pulls up a chair to sit in front of the oven and watch the food.

What Sammy would really like is for me to get pregnant and give him a brother.  He does not understand that the odds are not in his favor.  He loves his sisters but enjoys time with his male cousin, Kainan, and his guy friends.  

This is the first year that Sammy's birthday has not released the deluge of emotions associated with all that happened after his birth.  The pneumonia memories feel like just that, memories.  Sam's asthma and the twitchy feeling I get every time we drive past Children's are the most prominent scars we carry from that time.  It took half a decade, but I can finally celebrate this kid's life without the haunting flashbacks to his near death.  He made it.  God has a plan for him.  I love watching it unfold.

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