Thursday, December 17, 2015

Wren at 7

After interviewing Wren, I have all the updates on this awesome lady.  Here's what I learned:

Wren's Idea of a Perfect Day:  Long walks with family

Perfect Playdate:  Birthday party

Proudest Accomplishment This Year:  learning to ride her bike without training wheels

Ways She Wants to Grow in the Lord:  Share Him with others and worship him all the time

Favorite Subjects of Study:  Advent activities and bugs

What She's Most Looking Forward to About Being 7:  Telling people she is 7

What She Wants More Than Anything:  Family to be happy and no one to be sick

Favorite Way to Relax: Have someone scratch her back

Favorite Part of AWANAS:  talking with friends

Hardest Challenge of the Year:  enemas

Favorite Memory: birthday parties, but there are lots of good days

One thing she would change if she could: If her family was sick, she'd change it so she could suffer their sickness instead.

Eowyn in the blue, probably.

Wren was wearing my old lady sweater while
working on her embroidery and waiting to poop.
I'm not sure if she just turned 7 or 70.
Seven hit me hard for some reason.  I think it's like one of my friends said, I can remember being seven.  I have memories before that, but seven seems like the time I can go back to and recall tons of information.  As a parent, I want all the memories to be perfect, but as a realist I'll settle for mostly good with the bad ones offering learning experiences.  Here's to another year!