Monday, March 11, 2013

And Now He Has Hairy Arms and Hairy Legs: A Reflection on Seven Years of Marriage and Twin Pregnancy

The girls have totally confused all the doctors by positioning themselves exactly the same way, presenting differently than last time, and staying pretty close in size.  We will probably be assigning names when they emerge since they are already being tricksters.

They are tiny, just in the 5 and 12 percentile, and though I have gained my 24 pounds by 24 weeks (a little early and maybe a little more than 24 pounds) they are not expected to be very big.  That’s okay.

There is an 8% difference in their size on the percentile chart, though there is only an ounce difference in their weight.  Eight percent is considered way below the 25% the doctors worry about, so we are good. 

We lost the membrane for some time today, though we knew it was there.  I felt some sympathy for Ben, the sonographer who labeled them mono-mono for six weeks and scared us all to death.  That membrane is also a trickster. 

And in final thoughts, I told Wren Daddy married me seven years ago and she replied, “And now he has hairy arms and hairy legs.”  Apparently, that is the price of marriage.

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