Sunday, March 24, 2013

Palm Sunday

Celebrating the arrival of Jesus


NIV Study Bible or any translation of the Bible you prefer, Matthew 21: 1-11
Easter Bible for Me

Leaves from outside
A stick horse(mule)
A Daddy willing to play Jesus

We started our Palm Sunday study tonight with the kids.  After reading about Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem, we decided to let the kids help reenact this part of the story.  They were insanely excited, and the enthusiasm was evident as they played the crowd welcoming the King of Kings.  

Yes, that is the mule/stick horse and Dennis
Wren waving "palm leaves" or whatever leaves were in the tree from our back yard.

I am amazed how much Wren remembers from last year and how Sammy was screaming “Hosanna” at the top of his lungs.  I hope they look forward to this every year and that the meaning deepens for them each time they hear the story.  I have to say they already seem to understand how exciting Jesus’ entrance was from their reaction to Dennis as Jesus.  They swarmed him and wouldn’t let him take off the beard.  They were overjoyed, overwhelmed, and couldn’t get enough.  They approached D as if they truly thought he was Jesus, as little children who understand His glory in a way I often forget.

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