Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekly Recap of Stomach Use

 Sammy used my stomach as the island of Sodor for all his trains. He sat them on top of my stomach and was very entertained to watch them roll off.

 The next day, Sammy grabbed his Little People school bus, threw in a bunch of unfortunate Little People and used my belly as “the big bumpy hill” where they all met their end trying to make a safe descent.

 Wren pretended to be Dr. McStuffins yesterday and used Legos to press my stomach and check on the babies. She and Sammy went to my OB appointment and heard the girls’ heartbeats yesterday, so she dopplered me Lego style. She also made me hold a Little People pig and cow in my left hand saying it would help. I don’t know what it was supposed to help, but I’m not as tired today.

In other news, I made my bed today and found the perfect Easter basket for the kids. I have accomplished so much, I can’t believe I’m not napping yet!

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