Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Trying New Things: Menu Posting

Trying to eat healthy and also include variety in our diet can be difficult and expensive.  One of the best ways for me to monitor what we're eating to make sure we're eating well and utilizing our grocery budget the best way possible is to visually see a list of what we're eating.  With that in mind, I'm going to start blogging our menu.  It will help us, plus I have told countless people who want to know how we eat gluten-free, dairy free, largely grain-free meals for a family of six, "Hey, I should just post it to the blog", then I've never done it.  I'm fixing that now!

This is what we ate the last six days.  I included links to recipes I found online.  You can also follow me on Pinterest here to see the multitude of yummy recipes I plan on trying in the future!

Day 1
Breakfast:  These fat bombs to help Wren with her lack of fat absorption and to keep her from asking for food every ten minutes.  It worked!
leftover salami and provolone(no provolone for the ones who don't do dairy.  They call it "stinky cheese" and won't go near it anyway.)
Chia pudding, which was not a hit in our house.  We need another way to sneak in the chia seeds for fiber, so I'm still on the lookout.
Lunch:  sweet potato turkey nachos with guacamole
Dinner:  almond bread bacon and egg sandwiches
Snacks:  Larabars, fruit, snap peas

Day 2
Breakfast: leftovers of last night's dinner with fat bomb strawberries (strawberries covered in melted fat bombs)
Lunch:  ground turkey and okra
Dinner:  leftovers
Snacks:  Larabars and a variety of fruit

Day 3
Breakfast:  Eggs and bacon
Lunch and Dinner:  Pizza  with this dairy free, gluten free cheese.  So technically we don't do a lot of grains because no one processes them especially well.  However, Wren had a slumber party.  Pizza had to happen.   This is hands-down the easiest, yummiest gluten free pizza crust I have ever eaten.  Double the batch.  Seriously.
Snacks:  These brownies!   Even our slumber party guests devoured those brownies completely unaware of the secret ingredients!

Day 4
Breakfast:  Eggs and bacon
Lunch:  In and Out protein-style burgers.  We didn't have a lot of leftovers.  We don't usually do pizza and fast food in one weekend.
Dinner:  Okra, veggies, whatever wasn't growing mold in the fridge because I didn't want to cook.

Day 5
Breakfast:  Eggs and fruit
Lunch:  turkey burgers and veggies
Dinner:  Leftovers
Snacks:  Kind bars and these.  Do not judge by the ingredients.  They are awesome.

Day 6
Breakfast:  eggs and leftover avocado brownies
Lunch:  salami and provolone with veggies
Snacks:  Larabars
Dinner:  salmon patties with veggies

A Few Tricks of the Gluten-free Trade

  • Try to save store bought snacks for on-the-go.  I will buy Kind bars and Larabars in bulk at Costco, but we rarely eat them at home.  Those are great for on-the-go because they don't melt and are quick.  Plus, if you only use them when you're out, you don't go through them so quickly.  That helps with grocery expenses.
  • Buy ingredients as much as possible.  For what you can spend on all the gluten-free packaged food, you can usually just pay for ingredients and make several batches of homemade treats from fat bombs to protein bars to homemade ice cream.  It's cheaper in the long run.
Happy Menu Planning and Many Yummy Meals to You!

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