Sunday, May 31, 2015

Things I Want to Remember

Wren upon discovering she has her first loose tooth:

Sammy, look my tooth is loose.  That means my baby teeth, you know the teeth you have, are going to fall out and I am going to get adult teeth. 

Sammy:  Shut up, Wren. 

Chia Barbie

Wren:  Mom, Barbie’s hair is not growing back where I cut it off. 
Me:  She’s a Barbie, not a chia pet.  I told you that when you said you wanted to cut her hair.  I said it was your choice, but it wouldn’t grow back.
Wren:  But it’s hair.
Me:  It’s not real.
Wren:  But it’s hair.
Me:  Her boobs aren’t real either.  Just sayin’.

Learning but(t)s
Sammy:  Today in homeschool I learned about butts!
Me:  You learned about the word but, not butt.  You learned how to write and spell but.
Sammy, laughing:  I learned about butts.  I like school. 

Bean Hunting
We spend a portion of our morning searching up and down Costco because Sammy feels we must find bean chips.  Once we discover they are not there, I ask if we should go to Sprouts to get him some or if he wants a different snack. 
“Mommy, I don’t even eat those things.”
“Then why in the world have we been running across the store looking for them?”
“Because I know you like them.  I want you to have things you like.”
That kid.  He pretty much owns me.

Twin Fights
Eowyn likes to take Asher’s toys, period.  She has no remorse.  This week upon getting caught taking Asher’s book away from her for the third time in 10 minutes, she actually started punishing herself.   By the time I made my way over to give the book back to Asher, Eowyn was throwing it across the room muttering, “I know, I know, I know.”

And this is Asher’s favorite song to sing, or rather she just moves her mouth to make the appropriate facial expressions as if she is singing it.

Good luck getting that song out of your head!

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