Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Trying New Things: Modifying the Homeschool Schedule

Last week's update:  I did not go seven days using only responsible words, though I was surprised by what I found.  As I knew, I'm not a crazy yelling person, but I do tend to raise my voice in times of panic, like the twins throwing plates at each other during breakfast or when Wren isn't paying attention and walks into the road while staring at clouds.  That's normal, but that is my gateway.  Unfortunately, once I raise my voice, even for something that is necessary like saving my children from cars or flying glass, it sets off my not fun tone.  It's not a yell; it's a survival tone, like for the rest of my life I'm going to be put off about having to remind toddlers not to have food fights.  It's my not-letting-go-of-things tone.  I don't like it.  I'm refocusing my energy on killing the tone.  I feel the steering clear of the careless words thing is going to be a life long project.

This week's focus is modifying our homeschool schedule.  My plan was to push right through summer since we're working on skills that are good to repeat daily.  Wren got wind of this thing called summer break that all the other kids get, so we've come to a compromise.  Until September we will have three day school weeks.  These will be our really focused times where we run through the same schedule we do the rest of the year.  The other days, nothing specific will be required.  She's chosen Tuesday-Thursday as her school days, so yesterday was her first day off.  She and Sammy watched a video on magnets then set up an experiment to see what magnets would attract and what they wouldn't.  They then built a book fort in the middle of the living room floor using every pillow in the house.  Wren read to the other three kids during story time.  In the course of playing a game of Beto and Channy (I don't know, they made it up, it involves one of them being the parent and the other crying like a newborn for a good portion of the day) we found out Sammy knows the word hesitant and how to use it in a sentence.

They were stoked because of no school today.  Jokes on them, but I am not saying a thing.
Eowyn was drowning in snot, so she wanted goggles, obviously.  

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