Thursday, June 18, 2015

Gluten-Free VBS: Menu Posting

For menu posting, I'm going to stick mainly with what the kids ate at VBS.  Managing snacks was enough meal planning for the week!  Each child ate two snacks, and my youngest ate lunch there too since they fell asleep in the car after VBS, sometimes before it started moving.  Here's what they ate:

Kind bars
snap peas with hummus
fruit snacks
sweet potato chips
The Good Bean chick peas
trail mix made with almonds and Enjoy Life chocolate chips
peanut butter muffins
*I tweaked this recipe a bit since we do use natural peanut butter without the hydrogenated oils, and the creator of this recipe implied that wouldn't hold together.  I threw in half of a ripe avocado and two tablespoons of cacao bits(powder would work too), and they were perfect.  Not too dense and kid approved!
bottled water
I put some pictures below of the food spread.  It wasn't fancy, but it worked.  We have all enjoyed the week!  There are also some kid pics thrown in for good measure.
The yummies!

Wren spitting out blood after sawing her tooth out of her mouth with floss
like some psycho tooth killer.  It was hard core.  I tried to take a picture of Sammy, but
he was as traumatized as I was and refused pictures.  
These two will be two tomorrow.  If you see me tomorrow, I will
probably be crying.  This is weird.  Where are the babies?  Eowyn in the blue
being aloof for the camera.

I may post some reflections, some things we learned from this first time around.  One thing I'm sure of is that I don't praise the kids, especially Wren since the cross-contamination issue falls on her plate, near enough.  I don't like to overpraise or make words worthless.  However, it occurred to me this week how much I expect from her and how much she delivers without complaining.  I take it for granted a lot.  Sammy also handles his business, telling anyone who will listen that he does not eat gluten, so don't feed it to him, okay?  Sammy quote, "If they give me gluten food I give it back to them and ask for my gluten-free food."  He's four.  That's pretty awesome.  At four I was still eating Play-doh straight from the container.

We are blessed and the fellowship this week has been amazing.  It was worth the prep, worth getting out there, worth packing the Glutenzyne and going for it.  The time was right.

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