Thursday, June 25, 2015

Menu Posting and Book Updates

I'm going to look for some new ideas for breakfast this week since my kids are starting to gripe about eggs everyday.  The weird thing is that as much as they gripe about eggs for breakfast, they want to eat them for lunch.  Go figure.

Eggs and Canadian bacon
Eggs and chicken sausage
Peanut butter muffins
Check last week's menu posting to see how I modify this muffin recipe.

ham roll ups with hummus, veggies, and fruit

Twisted Root for the twins' birthday
Daiya gluten-free, dairy-free pizza
turkey burgers with sauteed carrots, snap peas and broccoli
Eggs, Canadian bacon and fruit
Sweet potato chip Italian chicken nachos
Purchase or make just pure sweet potato chips, not the ones with corn.  Put them on a baking dish. Add already cooked chicken and then pasta sauce.  Throw on some vegan cheese if you have some. Bake or broil until warm  Yum!
Ground turkey on top of veggies with olives and coconut aminos
Beef broccoli, carrots, and snap peas with coconut aminos

peanut butter muffins
Kind bars
chocolate covered strawberries
banana swirl sundaes with chocolate chips and leftover fruit snacks for toppings
raw veggies dipped in hummus

It's been a good month for reading.  Unfortunately, I suffered a pretty severe case of bronchitis early in the month that put me out of commission for a couple of days.  On a positive note, that two days in bed gave me time to read between sleeping!  So far this month:

Mermaids in Paradise by Lydia Millet
Quirky.  It was from my list from Bookpages.  I'm just going to stick with quirky.
The Children Act by Ian McEwan (not as good as Atonement, but still good)
CounterCulture by David Platt
This book is very relevant to where we are right now in terms of dealing with big issues.  Highly recommend.
Child 44 
This was a recommendation from D, and it did not disappoint.  However, warn everyone in your house not to sneak up on you while you are reading this book.  In fact, tell them to yell, "I am entering the room now" if they need to come to the place you are reading after dark.  My heart stopped at least two times when someone walked in on me reading this at night.
Design Mom by Gabrielle Stanley Blair
Language Arts by Stephanie Kallos

I'm currently reading The Year of Reading Dangerously, which is making me want to read a ton of books that weren't on my list for this year.  It's not a bad problem to have, this endless supply of awesome literature to explore.

Here's my question:  What, in your opinion, is the one book everyone should read in their lifetime?

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