Thursday, June 4, 2015

Menu Posting

This is a day late, but yesterday was a tornado of crazy.  Forgive me.

Eggs and bacon
Banana swirl

  • Freeze bananas, put them in a food processor with coconut or almond milk and blend.   It's ice cream for breakfast!

Leftovers from dinner
Spinach salads with turkey and almonds thrown in
In N Out burgers, protein-style, with fries
The burgers were a request from Sammy after he suffered an asthma attack and spent five hours in the hospital.  He could have asked for a pony at that point, but he asked for burgers, fries, and donuts.  I was happy to accomodate!

  • I cooked two pounds of turkey meat, so it lasted forever!  We didn't use rice.  
Turkey sloppy joes minus the buns
Meat and spaghetti sauce with veggies
Breakfast for dinner

Kind bars
Coconut ice cream
Pudding-This was amazing!   D and I ate it out of wine glasses because we're fancy like that, and we don't drink wine so we have to find creative uses for the glasses.
Snap peas 
Carrots and hummus
This crust with this tart filling topped with strawberries

I'm finding that we snack, a lot.  We will sit down and eat a meal, but in general we just like a little something now and then.  Our dinners tend to make plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day, and sometimes we have enough for dinner the next night.  Also, we go through some eggs because for some reason before bed, everyone wants eggs fried in coconut oil lightly sprinkled with salt.  Give them this and they sleep well.  

Wren can't have rice at this point because of some intestinal issues, and most of our gluten-free flour is made of rice.  This has been awesome.  We have eaten completely grain-free before, but we added in gluten free grains as Wren's condition improved, something I think we may have overdone and may be partially responsible for her gut issues.  I don't know for sure, but getting off them again has made me so much more adventurous in the kitchen, and I feel good about eating.  I also feel okay about splurging like we did on the first day of no rain in forever.  We had some ice cream.  It was a yummy week!

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