Sunday, May 5, 2013


There is no logic to the playlist for the girls.  Basically, if I like it and enjoy hearing it, I'm hoping it will offer some sort of peace during c-section prep.  As you can tell by the videos below, I can be a person without much of a pattern.  These are just a few from the list, so feel free to click the links for videos if you're interested.  Sorry for the ads before the videos if there are any.

"Umbrella" by Marie Digby

I'm not a Rihanna fan.  Maybe it's all the nudity, making a career of being a bit too in your face, mainly singing about raunchy stuff.  However, I love Marie Digby's version of Umbrella.  Just sitting in a living room with a guitar, fully clothed:  that's talent I can support.

"Stillness of Heart" by Lenny Kravitz

As previously mentioned, Lenny sings about Jesus and spiritual issues a ton. I consider "Stillness of Heart" one of those songs.  I love the beat, the words, the instruments meshing in the background.  Always mellows me out.

"Read My Mind" by The Killers

I've always loved this band.  Their music has a kind of poetry to it and phrases like "Rebel diamonds cut out of the sun" and "Magic soaking my spine" have just always helped me feel or see their music.  Actually watching the video was a trip.  I now have visions of Elvis impersonators, a big green I'm not sure what kind of creature and a whole bunch of hilarious going through my head.  Shouldn't hurt the attempts to relax.

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