Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Trying New Things: Homemade Cough Medicine

When looking for any children's medicine that contains no gluten, dairy, corn, soy or sugar, it's tempting to come home with a strong desire to down a whole bottle of Benadryl just to not have to think about how much you failed.  The first, second, or third ingredient is almost always corn syrup.  The rest of the ingredients are generally so hard to pronounce that I just give up.  Add to that many companies lack of full disclosure on their gluten-free policies.  Here's an example of a conversation I had with a company who manufacturers medicine:

Me:  I found a list that shows your company's medicine is gluten-free.  I just wanted to verify.

Drug person:  We neither classify our medicines as gluten-free or not gluten-free.

Me:  What?

Drug person:  Yes.

Me:  What?

Drug person:  We may not particularly put gluten in the medicine, but not all our ingredients are made here.  We can't say what our partners do before sending us their ingredients.

Me:  What about cross-contamination within your factory?

Drug person:  We can't promise our products listed as gluten free haven't come into contact with gluten at our facility.

Me:  Why are you on a gluten-free list?

Drug person:  As far as we know, no one here knowingly, specifically puts gluten in the one product you're asking about.  However, that doesn't mean there's not gluten in there.

Me:   Forgive me if I start weeping.

It's pretty much like this all the time.  So when Sammy developed a cough from either allergies, teething or a combo of both, I set out to make something with ingredients I knew to help him sleep through the night.  Here's the link that offered the awesome good stuff, and below is a picture of what ours looked like when we finished.  There was actually much more of it once it sat for a few hours.

Three ingredients, the kids pretend to cough just to have some, and I don't want to get drunk on Benadryl every time someone coughs.  

Overall result:  Fabulous!

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