Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Best of Gluten-Free

It’s been two years since Celiac disease entered our lives, or since we found out that’s what had invaded our intestines.  May is Celiac Awareness Month and I’m happy to say after two years, we are much less aware of Celiac.  Of course it’s a lifestyle change, something that requires daily awareness.  However, after two years, it just is.  We live with Celiac.  It does not define us, and we are all healthier than we have ever been.  Celiac is one the few diseases where food and supplements are the cure, and it’s possible to see first-hand how God built our bodies to heal themselves and be taken care of as temples.  Not bad for a chronic disorder.

In honor of the day, I wanted to offer of a list of gluten-free products and services that have helped us survive and indulge the last 24 months.  Understand that in the food department I didn't include a ton of our protein-powered staple foods and regular meals on here.  This list is a tad more celebratory.

Best places for GF food
We don’t eat out a ton, and we interrogate restaurant managers about cross-contamination practices.  Seriously, we question them until they almost want to refuse us service on principle.  We have found a handful of places that truly know what it means to feed someone with Celiac.

PF Changs/Pei Wei-Both have amazing GF menus, delicious food, and the entire staff can answer questions about their cross-contamination procedures.

Twisted Root Burger-Best burger ever, and I’m not the only one who says so.  They have been voted best burger many times by many different organizations.  Again, they know what Celiac is and what to do take care of those who must consume no gluten. 

Local Oven-They are a dedicated gluten-free facility with amazing burger and hot dog buns, biscotti, croutons, and more.  Most of their products should be available for purchase at grocery stores soon.  Until then, it is totally worth the drive to Carrollton.  Dairy-free and corn-free options are also available for most items.

Tu-lu’s Gluten-Free Bakery-As I type this, my family is at Tu-lu’s picking up gluten-free, dairy-free cupcakes for a party Wren is going to this weekend.  Again, they are a dedicated gluten-free facility, and everything there is amazing!  Did I mention we ordered extra cupcakes so I could eat them?  I mean, I am growing babies!

Best GF Naughty Food
We eat pretty healthy most of the time.  Our grocery cart is full of lean protein, fruits and veggies.  However, everyone has to be naughty now and then.  Below is a list of foods we slip in the grocery cart when we're living on the edge.

Kinnikinnick Donuts-Do not waste your time with any other gluten-free donut.  Kinnikinnick got it right, so just buy all their flavors and enjoy!

Against the Grain Pizza-Finally, we found a regular size frozen pizza with a crust that actually tastes like pizza crust.  This is a date night go-to for me and D.

Applegate Organic Uncured Hot Dogs-These only qualify as a naughty food because they are hot dogs.  They are gluten free, grass-fed, organic with no added nitrates or nitrites.  This is the filet mignon of hot dogs, so if you are on bedrest and your kids must eat a hot dog for lunch, eat these.  They are delish!

Best Gluten-Free Make up list
Have you met my daughter?  She’s just a tad girly known to sleep in tiaras, wear heels around the house, and demand not being allowed to wear a princess dress so fluffy her car seat can’t be buckled is child abuse.  Since I can only imagine what my future holds in the primping department, I feel lucky to have found Gluten Free Makeup Gal.  She does all the hard work in determining if companies that make beauty products are gluten-free, and if you subscribe to her site an updated list will be sent so you can keep up with what products you want to buy.  She sniffs out these companies and holds them accountable if they claim gluten-free status, which saves me tons of time.

Best Place to Heal
Texas Functional Wellness, LLC-Healing a body from damage due to Celiac requires more than diet change for most people.  That’s why being referred to Brenda Osborn was such a huge turning point for Wren; she had done everything possible through diet and still could not completely heal.  With the help of Brenda, the Asyra scanning, and supplements, it’s hard to tell Wren’s growth ever stopped, that she was starving, that she got sick regularly even after adhering to a strict gluten-free diet.  Now she just looks and acts like a kid who happens to take supplements and lives on a pretty awesome diet.  Like Brenda's page on Facebook and receive daily information on food, supplements, and how to live a healthier life one step at a time.

For all of you with Celiac, it gets better and time really helps.  For all of you without Celiac, you may still partake in all of this gluten-free goodness.  Just don't try to get D to share a donut.  I usually just wait until he's asleep and then steal them!


  1. After much pain and suffering, Katie was diagnosed as allergic to gluten and dairy. It has been tough for her to make the switch. Thank you for this post! This will make our lives better! Am going to seek our Brenda for katie!

  2. Amy, I'm so sorry she is going through that! It is a huge change. We had to get rid of dairy and gluten, and Wren can't have corn or soy either. It's doable, but it is very much a learning process. Brenda is great! She's a Naturopath and was able to figure out what was going on inside Wren's little body better than anyone else. She saved us from a lot of problems Wren would have developed if her gut hadn't healed b/c 80% of the immune system is in the gut. Katie is going to start feeling so much better when she gets all this under control!