Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trying New Things...Maybe Next Time

I tried a couple of new things I was going to blog about this week.  Quite frankly, I am too large and exhausted to put forth the brain power to document anything I tried.  I am so glad my girls are still cooking;  I am also so OVER being pregnant.  Tomorrow is the 34 week mark where doctors will not stop me if I go into labor.  We've hit a milestone, and I am super grateful for that.  Thirty four weeks is still early, but it is not 28 weeks or 31 weeks or any other time before now when my body decided to try early eviction so I could see my feet again.

This may be (according to my plan, though God has a funny way of laughing at my plans since His take authority) the last time I am ever pregnant, so I want to enjoy and soak up all the beauty of pregnancy in what will be the last days.  Thirty seven weeks has pretty much been deemed the latest I will carry due to intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) affecting both the girls.  They are fine but they are tiny, and tiny towards the end of a pregnancy with two kids sharing a placenta can be a problem.  Even my not-quick-to-intervene doctors see 37 weeks as it, and they are supported by so much research that I got a headache reading it all.

So, sooner or not so later, I will be through this pregnancy with two beautiful girls in my arms, God willing.  I need to soak up the kicks, Sammy and Wren kissing my belly, eating dairy with wild abandon.  I love pregnancy, and even this one, which has been out of the ordinary for me because of all the aches and pains and bedrest and all day first trimester sickness, has still been joyous.  I don't want to take that for granted here at the end just because I am hugely uncomfortable and so sick of peeing every five minutes that I would almost willingly endure a catheter.  Seriously, getting up to pee is the biggest threat to my bedrest!

I'll leave you with a picture.  Honestly, from a strictly logistical standpoint, can this go on much longer?

Torpedo babies

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