Thursday, April 11, 2013

My 12th Little Thing

Recap:  I have the names of the people to contact for school.  Now I just need to get motivated enough to drop out  Right now, I'm really just motivated to nap, which leads to...

Week 12:  Get perspective

I had my first ever pregnancy, hormone-induced semi-breakdown this week.  It was Monday and a monumental first for me.  My singleton pregnancies left me scratching my head saying, “What’s with all the complaining about being pregnant? You get big boobs, people always smile at you, and you have a constant companion. It’s awesome!”  Apparently, God is using this pregnancy to make sure Dennis and I don’t end up with Duggar family amounts of children, because I get it now.

After waking up somewhat refreshed Monday after spending half of Sunday in the fetal position in pain, I decided to organize everything.  In one day.  With two children in the house.  We had to cancel our zoo trip because of Braxton Hicks contractions, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t tear everything in the house apart and find a more efficient way to put it back.  Such proactive prepared thinking for the soon-to-be mother of four.

I’m sure I can just skip to the end of this for you because I am convinced I am the only person who didn’t see the holes in this plan.  It ended with half of my house still in the floor while Sammy and Wren ran around half-naked (Sammy was completely naked having taken off his undies, used them as a lasso, and then hidden them knowing I could not move from the chair to find them) and me in the recliner looking for any position where my back, side, head, legs, anything didn’t hurt.  I also attempted to throw up almost everything I ate on this particular day for no obvious reason.

Dennis found me in the recliner.  Upon seeing him, I immediately started weeping.  I whined about being uncomfortable, hungry, and unable to convince my son to keep his underwear on, ever.  I then complained because I was complaining when I should just be grateful everyone is tucked in safe and sound and trying to ride this pregnancy out to the end.

This week, I am going to try to keep perspective on both sides of this.  I do need to be grateful, despite the aches and pains, that I am still pregnant, not in the hospital on constant watch, and not on bedrest. We’re not dealing with a NICU situation, and I hope we don’t have to. I also need to stop letting the shame of saying anything negative about the way I feel keep me from venting when I need to, as long as it doesn’t get out of control.  Keeping a sense of humor and an attitude of gratefulness will probably help with some of the pain.  And at least I learned a valuable lesson this week: cleaning and organizing leads to evil.  I always had my suspicions.

P.S.  Despite the nudity, or maybe because of it, Wren and Sammy have really rocked it this week, as I have gotten up every morning not sure if I'd be able to move.  Pregnancy is worth it to have awesome kids.

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