Thursday, April 18, 2013

My 13th Little Thing

Recap:  I've done okay on perspective this week.  I have now entered the third trimester and asked Dennis to remind me that every day Asher and Eowyn are in the womb is a day they are not in the NICU.  I will have to keep repeating that since discomfort is now a daily thing, but it's worth it. 

Week 13:  Set up Montessori guidelines

We have started on this, but I have not been as consistent as I'd like.  The major guidelines I want to set up and enforce, especially before the twins arrive, are:

If you take out toys, you put them up before you take out anything else;
If someone wants to share what they are playing with, great.  However, once a child chooses an activity, they have ownership of it until they are finished.

My goal in all of this is to lighten my load and teach the kids to manage things on their own.  Honestly, they are already pretty good at this in many areas, but possession issues end up being where I spend most of my time feeling like a dictating nag.  The only toy anyone wants is the one someone else is playing with.  Making one child share after a certain amount of time does not solve the problem; the sharer feels slighted and the person who ends up with the toy doesn't want it anymore because it's no longer off limits.  I'm done with this game. 

I'm hoping this method will encourage patience and sharing when it's internally motivated.  I am also hoping I will never again step on a Lego because they will all be in their appropriate bin.  A woman can dream. 

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