Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Trying New Things: Red Brick Pizza

Dennis and I used to eat at Red Brick Pizza pre-Celiac.  There was one in Addison close to where we lived, and it was good.  We found out recently that Red Brick has a gluten-free menu, and unlike many restaurants who offer a gluten-free menu but don’t know anything about how to avoid cross-contamination, Red Brick has been recognized by the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness and the Celiac Disease Foundation  When I called the one in Colleyville, the closest one to us since the one in Addison closed, they answered my questions about cross contamination without being prompted.  They know what they are doing.

We took the kids after riding Thomas the Train in Grapevine since we were close to Colleyville.  It was fun to eat out, and no one got sick.  The pizza was good, but we have found frozen gluten-free pizzas at Whole Foods that are just as good that cost about the same.  The only size you can order a gluten-free pizza in at Red Brick is small, which is true at most places that offer them.  Maybe the kids were tired from the whole day at the train, or maybe it's just not as exciting as going to Tu-lu's and seeing rows of cupcakes; either way, it wasn't as awe-inspiring of an experience as we thought it would be for the kids.  They are used to not eating out, so it pretty much has to be gluten-free sugar covered dessert items to excite them.  

Chowing down

Overall:  It's a nice option to have but not one we will probably drive that far to take part in much.

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