Thursday, April 25, 2013

My 14th Little Thing

Recap:  Putting Montessori guidelines in place was perfect for where we are right now.  I am dealing with a lot less arguments over toys, the kids are sharing their most prized toys voluntarily, and it’s made this transition to bed rest much easier.  Sammy is still having issues sharing with anyone who’s not Wren, but it’s a work in progress. 

Week 14:  Relax

The modified bedrest came as a surprise to me, but after a couple of days, I think I’m going to be okay with it.  The main reason is I don’t have contractions when I rest and I do have contractions when I don’t.  That makes resting the obvious choice.

I am going to spend this week learning how to not push my limits.  I went to work Tuesday night and was only supposed to be there to turn in my paperwork to take leave and maybe work a very short time if needed.  That’s what the doctor strongly recommended. I stayed for two hours because I doubted I needed bedrest despite Monday’s memorable hospital visit.  My contractions were 10 minutes apart by the time I made it home from work to hit the couch and chug about 50 gallons of water.  The next day I still doubted the absolute necessity of this resting thing.  Then I had contractions upon taking too long to shower.  I get it now. 

I’ve already wiped the calendar clean of everything but doctor’s appointments.  I’ve given up any and all responsibilities that I can.  Right now, it’s not hard.  I just need to try to remember there is a reason I’m being asked to do this so I can keep it up for the time I need to.  Hopefully, that time will be around two months. 

Here are some pictures from bedrest time.  As weird as it is, it’s been fun.  The kids have enjoyed having me only focused on lounging on the couch doing whatever they ask instead of trying to do laundry, keep things tidy, get us ready to head out the door.  And as you can tell from the background in these pictures, I'm definitely not keeping anything tidy.

Sammy as Batman

Wren looking way cool

29 weeks and still baking

The naked crime fighting team!

Daddy as Bane getting beaten down by Batman

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