Friday, April 26, 2013

What We Eat

I've been meaning for a long time to really spruce up the blog with links to different areas and a more organized presentation.  Maybe I will get that done during bedrest; maybe not.  What I am going to try is adding posts about food.  Food, what we do and don't eat, is a big part of our lives.  I get questions about it pretty often.  While I doubt you will see a ton of original recipes on here, I would love to share places we find recipes, what snacks for the kids look like on a daily basis when you remove gluten, dairy, corn, and processed packaged snacks, and what our go-to meals are.  

We are a forever work in progress in the food department.  I have added dairy to my diet while pregnant for some extra fat, but I will be removing it promptly when Asher and Eowyn are born.  Wren and Sammy both took part in eating a "packaged treat" yesterday:  a Larabar, something neither of their guts could tolerate months ago due to the dates.  The concrete rule for us is no gluten, ever.  Other than that, we try to consume whole foods over processed.  In all honestly, Dennis and I "cheat" with junky gluten-free food as adults, but we don't give them to our kids.  They have a low tolerance for junky things, and they don't crave it since they haven't been introduced to it.  I aspire to desire the "treats" my kids beg for which are generally fruit, sweet potatoes, and cauliflower (Wren's new obsession).

To get started, here's a not-so-great picture of a very yummy, protein-packed lunch I had this week.  Protein is huge during pregnancy, but I find I must consume it with something else to digest it right now.  Veggies are a good choice.  I call this the Protein Taco.  I guess it's an original recipe because I didn't get it from anywhere else.  However, I'm pretty sure I'm not the first one to think of it. 

You need organic romaine lettuce, an egg cooked how you like it, and chicken.  We cook our chicken in coconut oil and add basil, thyme, sea salt and pepper.  Then we cook the egg, throw it in the lettuce with the chicken, roll it, and eat.  My kids ate these as well yesterday.  It's quick and yummy.

Here's a link that will also help as we share our food journey.  It's the 2013 dirty dozen and clean 15 list.  It's why we buy some foods organic always, and others we might not to save money.  Lettuce was on the dirty dozen for awhile but looks to be off it this year unless I missed something.  Still, we usually eat organic lettuce.

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