Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trying New Things: Homeschool Group

We have been searching for a group of people to hang out with who are also homeschooling so we can pick their brains, spend time with them, learn with them, and just start building a community of kids who won't somewhat disappear when they turn five because they're going to public school.  I've been hesitant to commit to anything right now with the pregnancy and all the changes to come, and most co-ops don't accomodate Wren's or Sammy's ages right now, though they will more soon.  Happily, I found a homeschool group on-line that I couldn't resist trying out, and we had our first playdate/homeschool activity with them today.

AWESOME!  It was two and a half hours of happy kids running, mommies chatting, and kids painting. Wren and Sammy played with bugs, water, mud, and a ton of friends they didn't want to leave. They consumed mass quantities of fruit. It was a win, and it reminded me it's okay to transition into new things even as we are waiting to transition into more new things.  Life with four kids will be transition on top of transition times about a thousand.  Though I am tired at times, I think continuing to try to add small things as we can handle them is probably better than waiting for the twins to get here.  I'm pretty sure nothing is giong to calm down upon their arrival!

Overall result:  Wonderful!

And I don't have pictures because I didn't bring my camera because of the mass quantities of fruit/peppers/hummus/salami/almonds/water I was lugging.  And my kids ate all of it.  Yeah, they are out of control, and still no one has hit 35 pounds.  Go figure. 

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