Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trying New Things: The Nosefrida

Piper, who has introduced me to many great products through the years, recommended the Nosefrida.  I had my doubts since, unlike a regular booger sucker, I have to actually involve my lungs in pulling snot out of my child’s nose. She still raved about the amazing results, and Dennis thought the concept was the coolest thing ever. We bought one at Buy Buy Baby.

God Bless Sammy.  He ended up being the experiment child on this one too.  See garlic if you want to know what I subjected him to the week before.  But with cutting molars apparently comes a load of snot, so he received the inaugural try of the Nosefrida.

Since Dennis thought this was an amazing invention, I was more than willing to give him the first shot at it. It’s not just that I’m unselfish; here’s what separates Sammy’s snot from my mouth.  Dennis explained that the snot was not supposed to be able to get through the filter, and I explained that the Titanic was not supposed to be able to sink.  Because of my astounding logic skills, he got to break the Nosefrida in.

What came out of Sammy’s nose was mind blowing. It was extremely effective. Here’s my pros and cons list.

  • You can see the snot coming out of the nose
  • It’s much easier to clean than a regular booger sucker, and you don’t have to worry about mold you can’t see growing inside.
  •  It doesn’t go all the way up a child’s nose, but it still grabs boogies hiding way up by their brains. Sammy likes it more than the original booger sucker because of this.
  • If you are charming like D, you can convince your child to participate by holding the bottom part up to his nose and then everyone can scream, “Look at those boogers!” and clap. I can’t pull this off. I don’t look at the boogers or I puke.
  • The design of the Nosefrida doesn’t allow you to inhale to the point you feel like you might dislodge your child’s eye ball; even if you try, only so much suction goes through.
  • you can see the snot coming out of the nose

Overall result:  If you absolutely must pull snot from your kid's nose, this is the way to go!

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